Single mothers in Church

Published: 27th March 2009
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Christians like to portray to the world that all is well and they have been fully delivered from all the things that they used to deal with before they met Jesus. They forget that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We all deal with some issue that we cry to God to deliver us from. When I got born again, I was dealing with masturbation and fornication. I had a live in boyfriend who later left me. I used to cry to God everyday to get me out of the relationship and masturbation. When the guy left me, I immediately got into another relationship which ended up in me getting pregnant and the man abandoning me when I was two months pregnant.

This could have destroyed me and the unborn child but God kept us. He worked on me and delivered me from these issues. I decided not to quit church but it was not easy. No one wanted to be associated with me. Everyone knew that I was a fornicator. The worst part was that no one cared to think that maybe I had mended my ways with God and he had forgiven me. When everyone else was condemning me, my relationship with God was blossoming. So did my pregnancy and my love for God. But no one ever thought of that. They thought that I was still in church because I was rejected and had no one to turn too.

This is what women go through in churches when they get pregnant. No one gives then a second chance. Lets stop condemning single mothers. We should applaud them for the brave thing they have done. Raising a baby alone. How many would have resulted to abortion to avoid the shame and condemnation. Lets help them as much as we can. Financially, emotionally and spiritually. How would you feel if you went to heaven and God told you that you condemned some lady in your church and she decided to terminate the pregnancy and quit church.

God has called us to be our brothers keeper. He did not tell us to be keepers of some and not others. Just as the adulterer woman brought before Jesus for condemnation, do not be the first to cast a stone at her for we all are sinners. Check yourself out and you shall find something that God needs to deal with in you. In fact if you condemn girls who get pregnant in church, you have already found an issue God needs to deal with in you.

Angela Mwema is a messenger to the world with the true and living word of God. Please visit her site for more spiritual nourishment. This is gods-love.

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