Youth Living For God

Published: 11th September 2009
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It is the most fulfilling thing to do as a young person. Not only will it keep you from a lot of trouble but it will also mould you in life. You will be able to avoid the mistakes other youths have been making. All you have to do is give your life to God and let him handle it for you. You do not need to give in to peer pressure for when you are in God, you have a confidence that comes from him and you are able to avoid bad company.

God needs you to serve him when you are still strong and energetic. There is so much for you to do for him in the Kingdom. There are so many people who need to be preached to and you are the one to do it. There are those who need to be reached in the hospitals, homes and prisons. Who do you think will do all this? It is you. Now that you are still young, give your all to God. Give him your mind, body and soul and he will guard over it jealously.

God wants you to change the way the youth think of their lives today. You do not have to do drugs or other evils just because other people think its ok and it is the in thing. Put your trust and confidence in God. He is all you need in life. You do not need the approval of some junkies who have no grasp over there lives. You do not need to fit in anywhere. God loves and accepts you just as you are.

Angela Mwema is a messenger to the world with the true and living word of God. If you have a prayer request email her. For more spiritual nourishment visit her site at

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